Going Under

Tomorrow I get my remaining three molars pulled (you may remember this from when I was pregnant with Patrick).

I am not nervous, in fact I am a little excited to actually get the drugs this time around. Tim is taking the rest of the week off to watch the kids while I recoop… I plan on milking this for all it is worth.

The only downside to all this is that it sets me back a week (hopefully no more than that) on my running training schedule. I write this only as a reminder that this is not an excuse to take off the next month from running and cancel the 10K… although it is very tempting… actually – come to think of it – I should strike this whole paragraph from this post… shit… moral dilemma… working through it… and ok… FINE… I guess getting a few teeth pulled isn’t worth cancelling a race (besides I only have 38 more days until Hawaii and my legs aren’t going to tone themselves… though rumour is that a spray tan does wonders for slimming a body down… shit!)  so I guess I won’t delete this paragraph. Chances are no one will be able to understand the ramble anyways. Thank goodness my 8th grade English teacher Mr. G doesn’t read this blog! However my English Professor BFF does…. I wonder what her take on my  ellipses is? (are?)

Anyways… I am going under and getting teeth pulled tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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