Strep/Scarlet Fever



We were told that it gets worse before gets better. Today better be the worst of the worse.

Scarlet Fever... uffda. Poor kid. Thank God we live in the age of antibiotics.

It is a good thing we didn’t plan on driving anywhere this weekend because we would have had to cancel all plans. Michael is highly contagious for at least the next 24 hours. Nama, Papa and Beth were brave enough to come down and we are looking forward to a weekend of low key fun. I was excited to finally show my parents and sister our church but it looks like we will have to have our own mini service at home.

Happy Easter Weekend everyone. I hope your weekend is filled with less viral rashes and more kite flying, Easter egg hunting fun!

One thought on “Strep/Scarlet Fever

  1. Jess

    Oh man! I feel your pain. I hope everyone feels better soon and that the germs stay contained to the sickies. Good thing there are extra people so everyone can have a personal snuggler at all times =) Happy Easter!

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