Easter 2012

I will get to the weekend leading up to Easter Day in the next couple days (which also includes a photo shoot), but for now I am too excited to share with you a few family photos that Beth kindly snapped for us after church service on Sunday morning that I just can’t wait.

This next shot is my favorite out of all the photos. It isn’t my favorite becuase of how I am rocking my H&M polka dot dress or the fact that Beth caught Miss Tantrum at a sweet moment. It is my favorite because while Beth is snapping pics of Elise and me, Tim is keeping the boys happy by “flying” them. He is such a good father and those boys worship him. I love the contrast of the “flying” Michael and cuddling Elise… I wonder what Patrick was doing?!

And a close second to the previous pic is this one. Man she can work a camera when she isn’t face down on the floor protesting.

father daughter

In typical fashion the boys are plotting. I believe this plot had something to do with throwing sticks.

and the possible new “Spring 2012” header.

more pics here.


3 thoughts on “Easter 2012

  1. Jess

    LOVE these; they are so good. Would make great additions to a photo wall. Very all-American; Meg, you could use these if you ever decide to run for office =)

  2. meg

    Oh Jess, you know first hand what a terrible employee I am, can you imagine me trying to run for office. I would buy the supplies to make posters, have a blast making them but never bother to hang them up!

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