Michael and Patrick are all about Spanish lately. They want to know what the Spanish translation is for pretty much everything. I don’t have the answer 99% of the time but there is one Spanish word I do know. UNO!

Michael’s new favorite game is UNO!

We bought him a watered down kid version with Thomas on the cards and he fell in love instantly and of course in less than two weeks half the cards were missing. Over Easter weekend Michael was eager to show off his uncanny luck of always being dealt the winning hand (no kidding. The kid almost always wins and it isn’t for lack of trying on his opponents end). I was a little hesitant to buy the 7+ age set of UNO! cards when my Mom and I were searching for the Thomoas set at Target but we didn’t have a choice. The Thomas UNO! cards were sold out (I blame the Easter Bunny) so my mom bought two of the CARS UNO! decks and we headed home.

I was so proud, surprised, and impressed with how quick Michael picked up the older version (the young version only had wilds,  skips and draw twos and the numbered cards only went up to 7.  The 7+ has multiple wild cards with additional +4,reverse cards and went up to nine)

We have played at least one hand of UNO! every day since then.

I love my littler number counter!

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