Tim put new batteries in the boys’ Leapsters this morning.

The boys couldnt be happier.

I will feed them three meals, two snacks, drive them to and from appointments, play countless rounds of UNO and Kerplunk (which we bought after searching for it at 3 different stores yesterday).

I will reward them with stickers. I will fill out forms for school, do some laundry and possibly even fold that laundry and put it away.

As I type this I am also helping Michael work his Leapster.

What will the boys remember about today? Daddy put new batteries in their video game.

One thought on “Batteries

  1. Tim

    That’s because daddy’s always working, and it’s unexpected. Where as mom is always there and can be counted on for things like snack, and stickers, and a round of uno.

    The boys don’t appreciate it, because you are so good at it.

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