Wheels on the Bus

Michael jumped off the bus today and wasn’t even halfway up the driveway before he started relaying to me his most recent misadventure.

“Mom the bus driver did something bad to me.”

“What did the bus driver do?”

“He shushed me”

“Were you shouting on the bus Michael?”

“I was just talking at a number three to Justin.”

The scale goes 0-5. Zero is silent and five is screaming.

Michael said he was at a three. I believe him…. BUT… a three for Michael is like a 4.75 to anyone else. Hell. The only scale Michael’s three would actually be a three on would be the¬†Richter scale.

I love my boy but he is loud. And if whatever he was telling Justin was something to be excited about I am sure he was REALLY loud. And since anything from a flower blooming to a kid looking at him is something to be excited about, I am guessing the bus driver had every right to shush him- even if he was just talking at a three!


One thought on “Wheels on the Bus

  1. Tim

    Poor kid, and the more excited he gets the louder he gets. Contrast that with Patrick, who whispers everything.

    It’s a wonder Meg isn’t a little nuts.

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