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A while back, we moved all of our pictures to a new gallery format.  In gaining all of the benefits of better organization (we have a lot of images), and more control, we also gained the ability to comment on individual pictures.  Unfortunately those comments are stored in a separate database, and accessed through a separate code library from the blog.  So if anyone was commenting on pictures, no one was aware of it (which is half the fun of commenting).

I taught myself a (very little) bit of php and wrote up a widget to grab those comments from the gallery, so you can now see the most recent comments on pictures right underneath where you’ll see the most recent comments on posts.  Hopefully that will get more people commenting, because it really makes mine and Meg’s day to see that other people are enjoying the pictures.

This blog has really become a  kind of digital scrapbook for our family, and several times Meg and I have found ourselves diving back through the archives and reading posts and comments from family.  It’s really quite a detailed history with lots of interesting information that we hope someday our kids will want to look back through.  I’ve put a lot of effort into not only backing up the website regularly, but also to build the whole website on opensource technologies so in the near future when Michael, Patrick, and Elise are surfing the internet through augmented reality contact lenses, there would always be a way to restore and recreate the images and posts here.

This scrapbook won’t ever get soaked in a flood, or burned in a fire, or faded from sitting in the sun too long.

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