Safe and sound


I couldnt be prouder of the kids. They traveled so well. I am just so proud.

It is 7:55 Hawaiian time which is 12:55 Central time.

I just finished putting the boys to bed in our rental condo. All the kids are exhausted. Patrick is looking like he is pushing through some motion/travel sickness, Elise is past delirious and looking like a zombie and Michael got his second wind upon arrival of our amazing condo rental and is ready to sport his new trunks and go swimming.

The first leg of our trip was three hours and the second and final stretch was five hours. No one slept on the planes. Not even a wink.

I will post more tomorrow about the nonexistent layover that had me asking the crew to page Beth so they wouldn’t leave without her, for now check Beth and my tweet backlogs for funny quotes and pics from the day.

I can’t say this enough, so proud of the kids. That said, we couldn’t have done it without Beth’s help.


5 thoughts on “Safe and sound

  1. Nama

    so glad you made it safe and sound. Enjoy the trip – what memories you will make!!!

  2. Steve

    I’m glad you, Tim and the kids made it. I’ll be living vicariously through your pics and quotes. Have fun!

  3. Tim

    Yep, Meg’s been snapping lots of pics. We’ll probably get a post up tonight sometime. We’ll see.

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