Hawaii Day One: Part Two

Where did we leave off? Oh right, Tim was killing himself hiking up a summit and Beth was calling him rank.

After the lava rock beach we got cleaned up and headed the 45 minute ocean view drive to WalMart. That’s right, even in Hawaii we have to do super store shopping. Awesome. Let me say one quick thing about Hawaii’s WalMart. Hawaiian print dresses, swim suit covers, trunks, t-shirts and box shaped button up shirts are not tacky in the Hawaiian WalMart. There is nothing cheap and tasteless about the racks upon racks of giant flowers printed on oversized muu muu style clothing when you are in Hawaii. In fact, I found myself oddly drawn to them! I resisted the temptation only because the lack of room in our combine total of 3 checked bags, 2 large carry ons, 3 kids backpacks, 1 diaper bag and two purses. Hawaiian print clothes in the Mid-West WalMart = tacky, Hawaiian print clothes in Hawaiian WalMart oddly temping. Who woulda guessed?!

We stocked up on food for meals and snacks for Saturday through Wednesday morning. A major bonus and the number two reason (second only to the cost of having to rent multiple rooms every night) of why we rented a condo as opposed to resorting/hoteling it is that we have a full kitchen and we could do a super store stock up.

We filled our cart full of food and topped it off with a few plastic shovels and buckets, hit the Subway (lunch at an 10:45 but completely necessary for our starved crew) and Starbucks (jet lag is a cruel traveling companion) and headed back to the condo.

In true Shannon fashion we made the kids have a short quiet play time (read: watch some cartoons) while the adults packed for a trip to the second beach of the day.

The family we are renting the condo from told us their favorite beach is Ho’Okena Beach which just a short drive away.

Ho’Okena Beach, unlike the “easy walk down the hill, did not disapoint and we discovered quickly why it is their favorite beach.



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