Hawaii Day One

We all woke up very early, even before the sun. It was about 5 am when the kids started chatting and moving about.

Jet leg is an understatement for how Tim, Beth and I were feeling, but there wasn’t time to sleep because as Michael said, “ITS TIME TO GO TO THE BEACH!”

side note: My phone is MIA so if you want to follow tweets follow Beth and Tim.

In the owner’s notes for the condo rental it said the the beach was a five minute walk down hill and it is an easy walk but walking back up takes a bit longer.

I am not sure if they were trying to talk up the condo and put a positive spin on things, maybe they were embracing the Hawaiian spirit of lax time and go with the flow attitude or maybe they are incredibly athletic and there are hidden IRON MAN trophies hidden in the back of the linen closet somewhere; whatever the reason the five minute walk down was not even close to the time it took three adults and three kids  to make it down the steepest road EVER!

Photos don’t do it justice. I will be taking video proof next time we go down there.


The beach wasn’t the white, sandy, beautiful beaches we will be on when we are on Oahu. These were “Stone LAVA rock beach” (according to Michael- Tim calls it the pumice stone beach)

Whatever you call it, it was beautiful in its own black rocky way and parenting bonus- no sand to shake out of suits, towels, baby bums and everything else a grain of sand can fit in!

Throwing rocks has always been fun, but throwing lava rocks is even better!

There was some playing in the water too.


Elise even got in on the action. We were not expecting to be actually going in the water, we thought this was a rock throwing beach only so Elise ended up soaking her sun dress in all the fun. No problem though because we are in Hawaii and the sun dries out clothes faster than a comercial grade clothes dryer!

This is the first time for all three kids to ever set foot in the an ocean and it was Beth’s first time in the Pacific ocean.

We spent a good chunk of time playing and splashing in the water and throwing rocks, but the adults knew that looming at the end of the beach outing was the GIANT hill that we had walked down and in this case, what went down had to go up again…

This is where I am going to unabashedly brag about my husband.

He was a machine.

Again, I will post video later because words can not describe the hill mountain he hiked up; it is monumental.

Beth and I took the kids and started walking up the hill as Tim took off ahead of us with the task of making it to the top, getting the rental van and driving back down to meet us.


When he made it back to us we were more than happy to climb into the van. We had only made it up about a quarter of the way and Patrick was refusing to take another step. Beth and I were sweaty. Elise was stripped down to just a diaper and Michael was wanting to go back to the beach.

When Beth climbed into the van she scrunched up her nose and started laughing. Tim stunk. He was rank. I believe her exact words were, “I didn’t know a human could make that kind of smell!”

And that my dear blog readers brought us to 8:30 am.

More later, for now – here are lots more pics!



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  1. Christine

    Megan, seriously. It’s only been one day and you’ve taken 230 pictures. I’m so totally jealous! Next time I volunteer to come along and nanny your kids 🙂

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