Hawaii Day One: Part Three

As I posted earlier, Ho’Okena Beach did not disappoint.

Ho’Okena Beach is a black sand beach that is frequented by locals. It isn’t a huge beach but that is part of the reason it is so wonderful. It wasn’t crowded. We had more than enough room to spread out all our gear and settle in for a couple hours of fun.

There were sea turtles swimming just two yards away from us! (I was too busy watching them to get a good photo. Here is a head shot though.)

Patrick is scooping up water for his sandcastle in this shot. Not the most efficient process but cute none the less.


Beach Babe and her Daddy.

“It’s coming back!”


Patrick and Auntie Buff bonded over a love of wave jumping.

A few more of my favorites of the afternoon.

Then we drove home looking at this view

When we got back to the condo we got cleaned up and the kiddos crashed while Tim and I grilled up some supper.

After the kids were in bed I fell asleep on a chair while Tim uploaded photos to the website.

And that was day one.

More on what we did today after I finish my beer and put my feet up, that is the plan anyway. I may just fall asleep on the chair again!

More photos here.





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