Hawaii Day Two

Day two started with a big breakfast, locally harvested Kona Coffee, and loads and layers of sunscreen.

Day two we knew what to expect and went prepared to the rock beach at the bottom of our summit. For starters, we drove. Also, the adults and Elise donned swimsuits/trunks in preparation to get wet.

Here is a better, more true view of what the rock beach is like.

Beth snapped this just after a wave swept me off my feet. I was still wearing my t-shirt to protect my pale, sensitive, viking shoulders from being burned. I was not planning on going more than waist deep. Plans change when you are on a Hawaiian vacation. Always be prepared to get wet.

A family pic, another bonus to having Beth along!

She is also starting to have a soft spot for Elise.




After the beach we loaded up and headed to the Farmers Market. This is what I was most excited for about our whole trip.

Michael ended up getting a top made out of wood that is only grown on the island, complete with lessons from an awesome island hippy.

Michael and hippy

The hippy also made the most beautiful bowls and cutting boards out of the same wood, but I couldn’t bring myself to drop 300 bucks on a bowl. If you can look past a very “sun sick,” over tired, physically exhausted, peckish and green Patrick in the next photo you can catch a glimpse of the bowls.

The state of my above mentioned middle child and the let down of lack of vendors at the Farmers Market made for a very short trip. Michael was the only one who got to take anything home. Bummer.

From there we typed in “food” in the rental van’s navigation system and chose the most comfortable/kid friendly restaurant and found a bar and grille that was only 11 miles away.

Note to all future Hawaiian tourists. 11 miles does not equal 11 minutes or anything close. No one is in a hurry to get anywhere here and the main road is a narrow, NARROW, windy (we are talking abrupt, blind 90 degree turns) road. It took us 45 minutes to get to the restaurant and in that time Patrick and Elise fell asleep. Elise woke up when we got there, but Patrick stayed sleeping on Beth for another 45 minutes while Tim, Michael, Elise and I went into the restaurant and met up with some friends who are also vacationing on the island right now.

Beth had to wake up Patrick and bring him in when his food came. The poor kid pushes himself until his tank is literally empty. His blood sugar was so low he wasn’t even hungry. Beth did really well coaxing food into him and giving Patrick the extra love and attention he needed. Tim kept Michael talking at a level 3 (you don’t want him at a 4 or else the whole restaurant will know about all his latest adventures) and I kept a cranky Elise somewhat content.

Because of the state of the kids we canceled all adventures for the afternoon (even checking out the HUGE and AWESOME farmers market next to the restaurant- bummer!) and headed back the condo for some serious R&R.

With the help of Beth, Michael played with his top. Elise danced. Patrick watched cartoons. I took pictures of the beautiful landscaping around the condo. Tim uploaded photos.

After Elise was asleep the boys got a bubble bath in the jetted tub (since that bath they have demanded a bubble bath every night) and the we all played some charades. After the boys went to bed, Beth and I fell asleep on the couch/chair before 9pm while Tim dumped pics.


What we learned on day two? Hawaii is exhausting and jet lag doesn’t go away after just one day!

more pics here





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