Hawaii Day Four

Today is our last day on the Big Island so we wanted to fit in as much beach time as possible. We didn’t want to spend the day driving, we wanted to play! So play and beach and splash and rocks and sand we did.

Elise started the day making friends with a trilingual little girl named Lizzie. Lizzie is not only trilingual but has a German nanny, has been to Europe and this is her second trip to Hawaii in the past 6 months.

Elise shared the bucket and shovel nicer than Lizzie so we will see who goes farther in life!

Every trip to the beach we become just a little more effiecent and well planned, Tim would have typed “laden down with more crap.”

Even on Day Four, the rocks are still fascinating to all three kiddos.


Then we lunched and quiet play timed and then hit the sand beach; this time with boogie boards!

And Beth and I finished the day with a sunset.

not as many pics today but if you want to see more, go here!

3 thoughts on “Hawaii Day Four

  1. Steve

    Thank you for all the pictures! Are you ready to come back to Minnesota or wish it could last longer?

  2. meg

    It depends on the kids’ mood of the moment. When they are exhausted and cranky we are ready for home, when they are having a blast- we don’t ever want to leave!

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