When Michael falls in love with a new interest he learns everything there is to know about that subject. What his brain is able to soak up and retain is incredible. In addition to becoming a human sponge about the favored topic, he brings that topic into every area of learning.

Right now he is obsessed with volcanoes. He loves math word problems about volcano rocks. He sounds out words to try and figure out what letter each type of rock starts with. And yesterday with out being prompted he started chalking volcanos all over the driveway (this is huge because less than a year ago he couldn’t do much more than scribbling swirling lines that he called roller coasters). After drawing his volcanoes (that actually looked like volcanoes!) he ran inside where I was making dinner and asked, “Mom, how do you spell erupt?” I told him once and a he ran off. A few minutes later he came back and asked what came after the p. I replied and he was off in a flash.
This morning this is what I saw in the driveway.

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