Old Pictures, better organized

I’ve finally gotten around to properly organizing our old website photos in the new gallery format.

So if you want to see a very excited Megan in Europe

Or a very young looking me (with too much thinning hair, and in desperate need of a wife to buzz it all off)

Then head on over to the 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008 albums in the gallery.



Oh, and one more; uncle Steve before he was uncle’d

One thought on “Old Pictures, better organized

  1. Meg

    You just had to go and drag up all those old pics again, huh?! I forgot how badly yellow bIonde I was and Tim is right, when it comes to his hair, the shorter the better!
    Thanks for organizing all those Tim. It will be fun to look back at all the boys’ baby pics again!

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