Yard Sale



My sprawling yard sale has quickly turned into a very tight garage sale. If I were to do this professionaly, we would need a 3rd car garage.
The predicted scattered rain and thunderstorms have been less scattered and more consistant. Weather is suppose to be good tomorrow with lots of sun. I am hopping that the weather man is a little more accurate tomorrow.
It hasn’t all been bad though. I sold the crib and high chair 15 minutes before I opened up officialy (serious rummagers get to the hot sales at least a half hour early.) Few other things have left the garage since then. But I am hopeful.
Another plus, a neighbor brought over some stuff so she has been helping pass the time by sharing some not so salacious neighborhood gossip.
The best part of all of this yard sale stuff is that Tim took today and tomorrow off to hang out with the kids. Every so often I hear screams of joy coming from inside the house and I smile from ear to ear. The kids are happy. I have coffee and I am getting rid of the excess (or at least some of it!)
Now I am going to boot up my Nook and read after a quick prayer for sun and a thrifter in need of baby clothes and gear!

2 thoughts on “Yard Sale

  1. Christine

    Does this mean that you are officially done having kids. Looks like you are getting rid of all the gear.

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