Cabin in May

We played. We pulled ticks off ourselves and each other (my skin crawls just thinking about it). We hiked. We splashed. We rode. We ate. I took photos. Tons of photos.

The following are my favorites.

And quite possibly my favorite from the weekend…

And a close second…

The best one of Beth and the kids

My favorite of Patrick…

And Patrick’s favorite part of the cabin…

The moment where the rope swing almost broke…

Of course this one is pretty great too. I don’t know if there has ever been a Papa who loves his grandkids like my Dad loves my kids.

Lucy got a little muddy being a dog (!!!) at the gravel pit.

She even rode in the back of the pick-up without vomiting!! 

And of course an icy treat to cool off.

Lots more here.  Don’t forget the commenting widget works in the photo gallery now; you can see the comment roll on the right sidebar.

One thought on “Cabin in May

  1. Nama

    Great weekend! Great pictures!!!! We may have to enlarge and frame a few of these. Thanks for coming up that weekend! It is sooo fun to have family at the cabin.

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