Chalk Board Dresser

I put this IKEA Malm dresser together last week and I wanted to paint all the drawer fronts with chalk paint but just wasn’t able to go through with it. I have no problem painting old dressers but something about painting a newly purchased and assembled dresser didn’t have me running for the paint can. It was still to shiny, white and new.

So even though I Pinned a handful of inspiration pics of how to paint drawers to help kids (and Dads) find what they are looking for, I went a slightly different path than brush and paint.

I found these sticky back chalkboard rolls at Michael’s for $4.99 a piece. I had a coupon so the three of them and some chalk came to about $10.00

I wasn’t sure how well it would work but I felt like I needed to give it a go before painting. So I did and it worked!

I used my quilting ruler as a guide to draw my cut lines.

Then I peeled off the sticker/decal and stuck it on the drawer.

then i did that a few more times.

As you can see on the clock, the whole cut and stick part took less than 30 minutes. It could have gone faster but I had helpers and a few times the chalkboard sticker went on a bit crooked. Crooked was not a problem though because the decal was easy to peel off and it stuck back on again with no problem. If there were bubbles I used the ruler to smooth them out. It worked like a charm.

Then I labeled the drawers with a pack of cheap chalk (many people online have said that sidewalk chalk doesn’t work well for this type of chalk board so, buy a pack of chalk if you want to try this at home).

I only used one roll and I even had enough left over to put a few smaller stickers on the old painted dresser. Now I have two full rolls left. I think I will do the same thing in Elise’s room and maybe I can even convince Tim to let me try it somewhere in the kitchen.

Not bad for a 30 minute project, huh?! If only folding laundry and putting it away was as fun and easy as putting stickers on a dresser!


4 thoughts on “Chalk Board Dresser

  1. Tim

    This has been ridiculously useful for me. For some reason I can never keep track of where everything is.

  2. Steve

    I love the drawings 🙂 You could put that on top of an old table and have a cool doodle board for kids.

  3. Jess

    CUTE! You are on a DIY roll, Meg! I think I need you to come over and sprinkle some fun around MY house! =)

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