Right of Passage

The legend goes a little something like this…

When Tim was around 6 years old(this is his best guess but he admits he could be way off base) the Shannon family borrowed a VHS tape of Star Wars from a family in their church. The Shannons watched Stars Wars Episode IV so many times that they wore out the VHS tape. The Shannons boys then pooled all their money to buy a new Star Wars VHS tape so they could continue to watch Luke and Hans battle it out light stick style. This is the point of the story where Tim turns from nostalgic-walk down memory lane Tim to bitter, disgruntled, sulky Tim. This Tim is the only time that I see personality similarities between Patrick and Tim. They may look like clones but Patrick is all me… unless Tim is telling this one very specific story. He finishes the story the same way every time,”Mom made us give the new copy back and we were all mad we didn’t get to keep it for ourselves.”

This past weekend Beth, Michael, Patrick, Elise and I all watched Star Wars Episode IV for the first time.

Tim got to keep this copy.


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