Independence Day 2012

It was so hot that my camera lens would literally steam up. Does any one else watch Parks & Rec? We recently started watching it and got addicted. There is a character in the show played by Rob Lowe that whenever he says, “Literally” I laugh. Now I can not type or say “literally” without thinking of him. I watch too much TV!  Anyways… the heat… It was HOT! The heat made outdoor picture-taking rather difficult but we did manage to get a few good ones. But before I share them with you, you need to watch this. It is literally the funniest!

with context here.

Okay… And here are some photos. We have taken 485 in the past 30 hours. I pared them down to about a third of that. Most of the pics are of Elise’s hair because I was finally able to get it in braids!

Here is a good example of how steamy-hot it was and how cute Elise’s braids were.

Good thing we had the pool to keep us cool. It was over 95 degrees with a heat index over 100 all day long.

The boys are now swimming across the pool with no problems. I really need to get some video up.

I can’t get enough of the braids!

On the way back from buying fireworks we stopped at the same park we took Easter Sunday photos at to snap a few 4th of July family photos. Thanks Beth!

This was my favorite of all of us.

The kids ate home-made pudding pops that we had made the day before. Incidentally, they were not able to be eaten as planned because one of the boys (neither of whom will admit) turned down the temp on the fridge and everything was half thawed when I went to make breakfast. It was a great way to start the fourth. “SHUT THE FRIDGE DOOR!” was shouted a lot that morning yesterday.

The boys ate theirs so fast that I didn’t get too many photos but Elise took her time and savored every bite. She takes pudding eating very seriously.

Then there was more pool time.

Then some grilling.

Then some eating.

Then blowing stuff up.

Elise liked the pops.

Sparklers for the boys with the help of a red Solo cup!

Yeah. His shirt is on backwards and inside out. That is how Patrick rolls.

smoke bombs.

Tim’s biggest fans!

And because we promised Michael last 4th of July that we would have s’mores again on the next 4th of July, s’mores! That kid has a memory like an elephant.

Then bath and bed.

And that was our fourth.

What did you all do to celebrate the 4th? Traditional BBQ and beer? Did you splash in a pool too? Who else ate s’mores? Please tell me I am not the only one who fed their kids the sticky sugary mess?!

Lots more pics here.

3 thoughts on “Independence Day 2012

  1. Steve

    It looks like you had a blast on the fourth. I need to come over next year. I went to Jamestown and played with my other nephews. Ben cooked up some burgers and BBQ ribs. This middle of the week fourth doesn’t work well at all. Thanks for the pictures!

  2. Jess

    Maybe it’s the braids or the fashion-forward dress, but Elise really looks like one of the big kids in these pictures! We are grilling’ and chilling’ in Hazen for July 4. Blazin Hazen Days start tomorrow 🙂

  3. meg

    I don’t know what Blazen Hazen days are but it sounds like it is dripping with small town charm. Have fun!
    Steve I agree with you, middle of the week 4th isn’t the best but it was a fun way to break up the week!

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