Sixth Birthday Party

Michael would be the first to tell you that it isn’t his birthday and he won’t be 6 years old until tomorrow, but since Beth was in town this past weekend, we celebrated anyway.

Ever since Hawaii, Michael has been all about volcanoes. Recently his love of volcanoes has branched out to any and all things weather. Wrapping up a tornado proved to be rather challenging so we went the book route when birthday shopping and it was a hit!

Tim and I were both so proud when given the option of going to Barnes and Noble and picking out another book or going to the Mall of America to ride rides, Michael chose a book! Patrick wasn’t near as proud but we let him choose a book too and that smoothed out some of his grumpies. I just wrote “grumpies”… Being a mom for 5 years and 364 days does that to you.

Beth gave him, “THE BULLDOZER I ALWAYS WANTED!” and if the caps didn’t give it away, he was stoked.

Book shopping and going out for lunch ended in perfect time because just as we got home gifts from both Uncle Steve and Grandma and Grandpa Shannon arrived on the doorstep.

Michael got more books and a puzzle and was again, thrilled.

Then there was mandatory quiet play time so I could finish getting the cake together.

more pics on that process here.

Then, per the Birthday Boy’s request, we swam!

More pics here.


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