This weekend I ditched the kids and Tim for my two favorite ladies.

We are able to get together about twice a year and that isn’t enough by a long shot. Like all the best friendships, we don’t need to talk on the phone all the time to feel close. When we get together it is like we haven’t missed a beat and we pick up right where we left off last time. Usually we leave off somewhere mid-season on our favorite guilty pleasure reality TV shows. Mine? Dance Moms, Toddlers and Tiaras, Sister Wives, Biggest Loser… just to name a few. Theirs? Well that is their secret and I will never tell. Get the reference? Yeah, I watch that show too.

Our weekend was spent shopping on Grand Ave and pretty much every other shop between Cottage Grove and the Mall of America. We paid two bucks extra to watch Magic Mike in the VIP theatres at the MOA. Totally not worth the 2 bones. We didn’t know what VIP meant when we bought the tickets but what it boils down to is that you have to show your ID to prove you are 21 and then servers wait on you during the movie and bring you beer and wine and any other concession stand calorie trap you would want. It sounds good in theory but in the end it was totally distracting to have servers walk up and down the aisle while I tried to concentrate on the intense, thought provoking, enlightening drama that was unfolding on-screen.

Instead of going out in the evenings we put on our most comfy pajamas, grabbed some snacks and gossiped through hours of Reality TV. Do I know you? Do you know my ladies? Then we probably talked about you. Don’t you feel lucky being apart of our Girls Weekend?! Don’t worry it wasn’t all bad. We are not cool enough to be Mean Girls.

I hope your weekend was as rejuvenating and wonderful as mine. I doubt it but Tim’s was. He loved every minute of being on Daddy Duty and playing with the kids. Their latest favorite game is called Angry Birds inspired by the phone/tablet app. The game involves running, jumping on the trampoline and flying through the air, trying to knock down piles of pillows. Sometimes those piles of pillows had a child buried under them, sometimes not. These games are best done when mom is not around because my blood pressure rises with every leap and squeal of joy. Who buries their kid under pillows and instructs another kid to launch themselves on top the pile? Tim, and he is an awesome dad for it!

One thought on “BFFs

  1. Tim

    The poor kids ate nothing but pizza all weekend, because that’s about all I can cook.

    Thankfully their mom came back to cook a healthy meal for them before I gave them all rickets or something from malnutrition.

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