Twenty Nine and Counting Down

I have one year left.

Last year I got a little sentimental about my birthday. I felt blessed. This year I know I am blessed. I have a great husband. I have 3 healthy and completely unique kids that drive me nuts, make me proud and make me laugh every singe day. My dog lived through another year which is no small feat for a dog that battles with her thyroid condition, mood swings, hatred for men in hats, 10 extra pounds and possible cancer. Sh!t. I forgot to celebrate her birthday on the 20th. Happy Belated 7th birthday Lucy!

I have great friends who, even though they are ridiculously busy and one of them is even in the throes morning sickness, drove over five hours to spend the weekend with me two weeks ago.

My parents and sister couldn’t love my kids more and that makes me ridiculously proud.

BUT this year I am not going to sit at the computer and count my blessings. This year I am taking my birthday, my last birthday in my twenties, and setting some goals. Thirty scares me. Not sure exactly why, but it does. So in order to make the transition into being old a bit easier, I am going to spend the last year of my twenties reaching goals that I have otherwise never attained. Lets call it my Twenties Bucket List.

I am struggling with making a concrete list so I think I will be adding to the list throughout today, this week, this month and this my last year before I turn old.

I refuse to go into my thirties out of shape, so at the top of my bucket list is to get into shape. I need to set a few concrete goals that I can check off my list in order to take the vagueness out of the ”get in shape” goal. Here is what I got so far.

  • Finish a 5K under 35 minutes.
  • Do 15  “on my toes, nose to the ground”  push ups.

My goals for my “job”…

  • Finally get a system in place that makes it possible for me to keep up with laundry.
  • Try to cook a new healthy recipe every week (thus completing another goal, follow a recipe start to finish with out straying from the recipe).

Goals for parenting.

  • Help Michael learn to read.
  • Potty train Elise. If I can go into my thirties with all three kids out of diapers, life will be good.
  • Learn how to avoid Patrick meltdowns without the use of bribery.

For the blog

  • Learn how to use a comma and semicolon once and for all.

And just because…

  • Go to Vegas (I have a pair of glittery Steve Maddens that whisper Vegas every time I look at them. The whisper is turning into a shout people. I need to see Vegas before I am thirty!)
  • Take a class, some sort of class… photography maybe?
  • Take a vacation with my husband and without my kids.

That is all I got so far.

Twenty-nine is going to be a good year.



One thought on “Twenty Nine and Counting Down

  1. Jess

    Happy birthday, Meg! I take offense to the idea of thirty as turning old, but I’ll put that aside and offer to help you with some of your goals. You can probly guess which ones I would actually be of help with and which I would only be a bad influence about. First up, some serious Vegas vacation planning for you and Tim! 🙂

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