To Elise on your 2nd birthday

It is actually 2 days after your birthday that I am writing this letter to you. This letter is two days late for one big reason. Before your birthday your Dad and I built you a dollhouse. You love your dollhouse and have already logged more hours rearranging furniture, putting your dolls to sleep, and pushing the smaller than pint-sized dogs in the doll sized stroller than I could have hoped for. I am still scrubbing primer and white paint of my skin but it was worth it because you love it and I love you.

You are something extra special for so many reasons. You have become a bit of a joke in the family and among our friends because you still refuse to talk. I know you can make noise because you hum and la la la along to any song that you hear a tune for. You understand everything we say and I know this for a fact because I can ask you to put your adorable little blue sneakers into your shoe bin and you do. You are the only of our three kids that consistently put your shoes away and I don’t even have to buy your obedience with a sticker! You love those sneakers and ask to wear them all the time. You don’t really ask in words to wear your blue kicks but you do make your request quite obvious by holding up the shoes, chucking them at me and then pointing at your foot.

You will be an outstanding charades player someday. My baby has skills.

You know what you want. No one will ever doubt what you want. You act your mind… someday soon you will start speaking your mind and I have a feeling you will be like your oldest brother and not stop talking as soon as you start.

Another shocking skill that makes me laugh with surprise and joy every time I see it is your killer dance moves. Maybe the dance gene skipped a generation, but no set of parents have ever been more surprised to see a kid bust a move than we were. You have this driving beat that seems to be playing in your head 24/7. All it takes is for me to say “IIIIFFFFfffff…” and before my top teeth even touch my bottom lip to make the ‘f’ sound to start “If You’re Happy and You Know it” you are already swaying your shoulders and wiggling your hips. You live to boogie and I love watching you shake that bum and shrug those shoulders.

You are the perfect little girl and I love you for that. After two boys, having a little girl who likes to wear a twirly dress and has a opinion about shoes is more than a relief, it is rejuvenating. I am pretty sure I love rearranging the furniture in your dollhouse just and much, if not more, than you do. I can’t wait for the days when we go out and have mother daughter dates. We will have a blast blowing money on frivolous  stuff in the name of retail therapy. Hey, we are outnumbered in the house. Therapy is necessary.

You love your ballerina books, dancing with Patrick and trying on everyone’s shoes but you also giggle and cheer while rough housing with your brothers. You are quick to volunteer to be at the bottom of the pillow piles and love being hung upside down by your father more than anything.

Your dad may call you Princess more than I think any girl should hear, but he tosses you around just like he did the boys at your age. It is an odd balance. It melts my heart to watch you two together. You have that man wrapped around your finger in a way I never thought possible. I am a Daddy’s girl and I love that you will be too. Just remember who is the one who made you your first tutu and takes you shoe shopping.

Elise you are a doll. A moppy-haired (I swear I am trying to thin those bangs out, but at least you don’t rock a mullet anymore!), song humming, mud eating, tutu wearing princess of a doll and I love you. You have grown so much in the past year and every day I see a new side to your personality blossom. I can’t wait to see what this next year will bring because I can’t imagine it getting any better than this.

I love you.

Happy birthday Sweet Baby Girl.

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