Answer: Dribble

Question: “Mom, what is it called when you run and kick at the same time?”

What dribbling the ball is (note: what not how) and do not touch the ball with your hands is about all I can teach my kids about soccer.

Going into Thursday night my goal for Patrick wasn’t to score a goal. My goal for him was to keep standing while on the field.

That didn’t happen but he was so damn cute in his uniform, sipping out of his matching orange water bottle and cheering on his friends that I don’t care if he was sitting (or laying) on the green grass roughly a 1/4 of his time on the field. He had fun. He loved the snacks one of the moms brought (Little Debbie Nutty Bars and Capri Suns after a soccer game at 7pm? Seriously?!) He chased after the ball a few times. He even kicked it a handful of times. He had so much fun.

taking a pre-game breather.

showing some hustle.

Go Orange! His team name has changed from the Cheetos, to the orange cheetahs, to the orange lions, to the orange tigers. The coaches tried taking a hand raising vote and I think Congress agrees on more than these boys do. For now. Go Orange!

A little coaching from his coach, “Patrick you need to stand up!”

I am so proud of you Patrick. You didn’t score a goal but you had fun. You didn’t stay on your feet the entire time you were on the field but you made friends with everyone. You cheered for your team and excitedly shook hands with the other team at the end of the game. I love you PJ. You are my kind of athlete.


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  1. Beth

    This is great!! Makes me so proud to see them on the soccer field! Even though few pictures show them with the ball at their feet. 😉

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