Bike ride and park tour

Michael is loving his bike. We took a ride to a nearby park yesterday and he loved every pedal of it. I pulled Elise and Patrick (quite possibly the worlds most unmotivated 4-year-old) in the bike cart thing. Tim walked Lucy along side Michael who proudly pedaled his way to the park. He is still on training wheels but he is getting closer and closer to taking them off. Starting and stopping is still a struggle, so until he gets that down we will leave the training wheels on.

Because Tim was on foot he was able to help Michael conquer one of his biggest fears about biking, going too fast downhill. Tim was able to hold on to the back of the seat (with Lucy in tow) and help Michael by reminding him to put on the brakes and not drag his feet on the ground to slow down. Michael was so proud of this revelation. I think Tim was even more proud. They both beamed for a long time after that. Rightfully so. It was a big moment for Michael.

Michael dismounted his bike so fast when we got to the park there wasn’t time to snap a pic. However, the other two were strapped in.

Anyone recognise that bike? Family and friends from the ol’ hood should. Yeah. I still rock the bike I got in 5th grade. Even funnier? Tim now rides my Dad’s old bike which is even older than mine. You want a good bike that will last 20 plus years? Go to Val’s Cyclery in Minot. They will hook you up. Coincidently my Dad’s store is just a 2 minute walk down the street. Both of Michael’s bikes have come from there too. I remember going into that shop growing up. I always coveted the tandem bikes that were in the store’s window. I love that Michael’s (and now Patrick’s) bikes have come from there.

It was Elise’s first ride in the cart (what are those things called?) and she loved it. She loved the accessory that came with the cart just as much as she did riding. She didn’t take the helmet off the entire time she was at the park.

waving hi to the boys on the slide.

I love this photo of the three of them.

Tim titled this one, “Man with wife’s dog.”

He is always finding something to scale.

Patrick loves LOVES to slide. His other favorite thing to do is swing on his belly.

Elise’s favorite this is to run back and forth on the “bridges”

Although she liked the slides and the wave teeter totter thing too!

All right…. I know you are thinking it and you are right. There are about 300% more photos of Elise than there are of the boys. I can’t help it. I don’t love her more but damn if that tutu isn’t 300% cuter than the boys shorts and tees! I love having a girl.

Lots more here.

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  1. Nama

    Can’t believe those bikes are still in use! You should do a commercial for Rocky and Rory. Looks like a fun day!

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