Playing Farm

Elise is in love with her dollhouse! I am so excited that she actually plays with it. All the effort was well worth it.

Yesterday morning I grabbed her barn that she got from Nama and Papa for her birthday and brought it down stairs. It had been living upstairs in the play room ever since she opened it.

When I set it down in front of her dollhouse and reached for the bin of Schleich animals, a light bulb went off. And it wasn’t the additional three lightbulbs that Tim installed in the dollhouse (more on that soon). It was this moment of pure glee.


Sorry for the alternating flashy and blurry pics. I don’t have a 55mm lens to help me take wonderful photos indoors. (I love you Tim.)

Even more exciting than the Melissa and Doug barn was the Melissa and Doug wooden crate that some play veggies came in. Melissa and Doug packages their toys in wooden crates a lot of the time and I can never seem to bring myself to throw them away. They are great for organizing stuff in drawers or storing our play food in the play kitchen. Yesterday the wooden crate turned into a corral. Elise thought I was a genius.


Something is not like the others…. I think she is a genius for creating a sort of Darwinian habitat for her animals.

I think more farms should follow suit.

And here she adds a little croc to the mix. Fun! or as Tim commented in the Gallery section, “Lets introduce a little chaos to the farm by dropping in an 800 pound alligator to the sheep pen.”

Playing farm would have lasted all day if Elise had her way. Farming is good. Especially when you have an elephant and a Scoobie on hand.

 a few more photos here. 

6 thoughts on “Playing Farm

  1. Jess

    Kyle is going to be inspired by this and I am going to have to explain why we should not in fact apply for an exotic animal license for our farm. P.S. Resist the urge to get a cat. After years and years, you are SO close to not having to clean up someone else’s poo anymore–you get a cat and that all goes down the …tubes, for a family friendly phrase. food for thought 😉

  2. Meg

    I know. I would have to get a job if we got a cat because Tim would leave the minute he saw the kitty litter box. You all know how well I am at holding down a job! Maybe Beth will get a cat and I can just send Patrick to her for a weekend. Two birds. One stone!

  3. Beth

    This is great! Patrick will be my first guest when (not if) I get my two cats! 🙂 Tim, you’re welcome to come up and play with them whenever you would like! 😉

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