In 7-10 days Michael D will be sporting specs similar to these.


They won’t be the exact pair because these didn’t come in “flex” but they are very close. He will also be getting a pair of “sport” glasses to wear when he is in phy-ed, playing soccer, riding bike or wrestling with Dad.
Patrick prefered this pair. He doesn’t officially need glasses yet but I am sceduling an exam ASAP since Michael’s eyes were so bad.


He really liked them.


Really really liked them!


Which leads me to ponder… Is it too early to start reading Harry Potter to the boys? I think the boys would love a bespeceled hero.
Opinions wanted: Harry Potter time or wait another year or two?

3 thoughts on “Specs

  1. Nama

    They both look very cool! Love to see Michael’s reaction when he put his new glasses on and everything is crystal clear (except for the finger smudges!)

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