Patrick and Soccer

Tonight was Patrick’s fourth soccer game. If there was someone taking stats, I am sure that PJ’s stats would have been for every 1 time he kicked the ball he completed 75 somersaults.

1 kick/75 somersaults.

I am being generous with the kicks. I am not even sure his foot came in contact with the ball the whole game. However he did do 8 consecutive somersaults and that is 7 more consecutive somersaults than other kids on the field did.

I am not exaggerating. It got so bad that I had to take him out of the game and explain the dangers of somersaulting across the field while 7 other little boys are chasing after a soccer ball. About 3/4 of the way through the game he got stepped on. He cried and made a bigger deal out of it than it was. He didn’t receive a whole lot of pity from his mother because he was somersaulting at the time AND I WARNED HIM! After briefly consoling him, he stopped crying and asked when the game would be done so he could have his snack (the parents take turns bring post game snacks) and I told him he needed to play soccer to get a snack. Upon hearing that, he hopped up and fake limped toward his team and when he got about half way across the field he started running. Not toward the ball or the other kids mind you, just running. He looked back at me to make sure I was watching. I gave him a half-hearted thumbs up and he was satisfied that I had acknowledged him “playing soccer.” He stopped running shortly after that.

The rest of the game he wandered around the field picking grass and trying not to “be pushed over by the wind” because the wind was the reason he was being “pushed” into doing somersaults.

I think this will be Patrick’s first and last season of soccer.

Tomorrow I will be looking into gymnastics or tumbling classes. Preferably a class that has snacks after each practice.

3 thoughts on “Patrick and Soccer

  1. Beth

    HAHAHAHA.. I’m with mom! I am getting weird looks in the athletic training room because I am laughing so hard. OH Patrick!! You’re one of a kind!

  2. Kristen

    I was trying to read this to my husband and had to stop and wipe the tears away, SO funny!

    I read tonights soccer post too, Patrick sounds fun!

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