Farewell Dr. M.

We are cleaning out closets today. The garbage bag count is at 6 for me and Tim is working on bag 3 with half a closet to go.

I found these babies and I had to take pics before sending them off to goodwill.


These shoes are the first things I ever actually worked for. I babysat 2 neighbor kids every Tuesday night for the summer between 7th and 8th grade while their parents golfed. I loved these Doc Martens. I wore them for years.


If you would have told my 13-year-old self that in a decade and a half I would be spending the cash equivalent of those Docs every week on groceries, I wouldn’t have believed you. Actually I probably would have rolled my eyes at you and said, “whatever.” Because I was that awesome.


They don’t fit anymore because having babies somehow made my feet grow half a size up. They are scuffed now but still wearable.


I will miss you Docs. I haven’t worn you in… wow… almost a decade but I you remind me of a time when $100 was enough money to buy everything that I had ever wanted. Now $100 buys produce and protein for the week.

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