Patrick and Soccer Part II

On the ride home from the game I interrupted his snacking (some kind of oreo put it together yourself thing- again I say… sugar at 7pm, seriously?!) and asked him what his favorite part of soccer was.

His reply, “I like the part where we shake hands.”

He chews and licks out some of the icing out of the little icing well and adds, “And the food. I like the food.”

part one.

EDIT: Looking back, I had a much more positive outlook on Patrick and soccer at the beginning of the season. I guess 10 plus hours of sitting on the sidelines in the summer heat (not counting the hours of getting him ready for games, searching for shin guards, shorts, socks, jerseys and that damn soccer ball that is ALWAYS lost) encouraging my son to stand up has turned me slightly sour towards Patrick and Soccer.

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