Things I already knew but I love hearing anyway…

Michael has been through a smattering of tests and screenings lately in order for us to have some leverage when we talk to Michael’s school about having a para available to him at school .

Yesterday was a Speech Therapist and an Audiologist at Gillete. This is what they had to say about my boy.

“He is so bright!”

“Look at those eyes! Beautiful.”

“His vocabulary is beyond his years. He used “exhausted!” Wow.”

  • She would have really been impressed if he started talking about extreme weather or volcanos!

“He really is so bright and his memory is incredible.”

“His ears look great. No wax, no fluid. He can hear all ranges of sound.”

  • So what you are telling me is that he is choosing not to listen to me….

“All he needs is to have a para available to him to give him cues and reminders of what is acceptable. He will do great.”

“What a sweet and funny kiddo.”

“Soccer must be really good for him, gets some of his energy out?”

  • Oh lady… you have no idea.

My boy is a great kid. Does he have a few hurdles? Yeah, but he will learn and he will soar.

God bless his future Kindergarten teacher and please help us gain access to a para!



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