Kindergarten here we come

Last night was Open House at Michael’s school.

We went and met his teacher (who I love). We hung out in his classroom (which he loves). We met the resource room teacher who is brand spankin’ new and is so eager to start her first year and change lives and be the best aid ever and put into practice everything she learned in school. Both Tim and I are excited to see such a young fresh face. I love that she is recently graduated so she learned about SPD in school, not just through pamphlets and required seminars. She used terms that I know and love to hear her say. Heavy work, sensory break, fidgets. She is so eager and “green” and as parents with our first kid going off to school, we are equally “green” and nervous eager. I like her. She will be a great asset to Michael this year.

It is a good school and Michael has a good team. It won’t all be sunshine and rainbows. There will be bad days too but I think it is the best school for him. He will be challenged academically and socially.

One week and he will be off to school. I can’t wait but I am terrified too. Full day kindergarten. Uffda. When did he get so big!

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