Two Year Old Tutu Photos

Elise has been two for a little over a month. I had yet to take any 2-year-old “portraits” so this morning, that is what we did. I quick appliquéd a 2 onto one of her t-shirts while everyone finished breakfast and then we headed out to our favorite park for DIY photo shoots. I love living in Minnesota, and one of the top reasons why is their parks. Minnesota does parks well.

We started in the grassy open area where the boys could wander and throw sticks into the pond while Elise posed for photos.

Elise didn’t like that idea very much. In fact she didn’t like any of my ideas. She was one cranky 2-year-old.

I managed to get a couple of non-frowny-brow pics but they were still far from the smile I was hoping for.


When Michael turned two he said “TWO!” anytime you asked him how old he was. Elise refuses to grace us with words (other than “no” and “MAAAAAHHHH!”) so when I asked her how old she was, she pointed.

Mostly she just wanted to be with her brothers and Uncle Steve and Aunt Buffy who were all busy making friends with a 110 pound chocolate lab. No time for Mommy and photos when there is a puppy around. Oh yeah, I guess she says “puppy” too.

Only in mid-toss could Tim get a smile and Tim can always get a smile out of his princess.

The open grassy area was a bust so Tim suggested we let them play on the park for a bit and see if that would lighten her mood.

These boys played tag.

And so did these boys.

I am not sure who had more fun.

Michael has almost mastered pumping on the swing.

Elise loved the slide. I loved this photo.

And Elise was pushed by her Uncle and Aunt.

I still hadn’t gotten a good pic. When belated photo sessions get desperate, just add water.

These were not the photos I set out to take, but I think that I captured Elise in all her 2-year-old glory perfectly.

Because the water park is only 5 minutes from the house, Tim was able to sneak home and get towels and a change of clothes. The kids were grateful for the warm towels and dry clothes.

A post should only be so long…. even though there are tons more great photos (which you can see here) I will finish this post with this photo. My sweet baby girl.



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