Patrick’s First Day of Preschool 2012

This is Patrick’s second and last year of Preschool. I am already weepy over the fact that next year at this time he will be starting full day Kindergarten 5 days a week. He is so big and such a pro. He wasn’t phased at all by the hustle and bustle of this morning. He was angry that I made him wear tennis shoes instead of sandals but quickly got over it when I reminded him that it was swimming day at Preschool. Patrick loves school.

Per request by Auntie Beth, Patrick is wearing his new hoodie that Beth bought him this weekend to mark this special occasion. Thanks Beth. You’re the best!

Patrick walked into his classroom like he owned the place. The room he is in now is the same room he used to throw a tantrum in 3 times a week 2 years ago. Everyday we dropped of Michael at Preschool Patrick would pitch a fit that rivalled the worst of the kids featured on Nanny 911. I don’t think it was as much about leaving Michael as it was about playing in that room. He is finally in the room that big brother Michael started in. He is loving his new seniority as a caterpillar instead of being in the younger butterfly class.

Life is good for Patrick James. He is happy. When Patrick is happy, we all breathe a bit easier.

Cheers to Patrick on his first day. Enjoy showing off your bad a$$ swimming skills and I hope you make a friend or two. And don’t worry buddy. I won’t tell any of your new classmates that you got that scratch on your head by climbing into a stroller. I wouldn’t want to taint your big boy reputation by telling your friends that you refused to walk after your last soccer game (pics and post coming soon) or that I had to carry your sister while you were chauffeured around in the stroller. Mums the word kid. I love you.

More first day of school pics here.




2 thoughts on “Patrick’s First Day of Preschool 2012

  1. Tim

    Something tells me Patrick is much more likely to play and astronaut on TV, then actually be one, but either way, his heart’s in the right place.

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