Soccer Family?

We are not.

This past Saturday was the last day of soccer for the season. I don’t know who was happier me, Tim or Patrick!

The first game was Patrick’s and it started at 8am which means we had to be there at 7:50am. That translates to everyone loaded into the car by 7:40am. Tim had to work until 3am that morning so he woke up, helped get the kids ready and went back to bed. I, channelling a moment from Parenthood pilot, remembered at 7:35am that I was snack mom.

It was a chilly damp morning but we signed up for the sport so we were going to see it through. Plus, Papa, Nama and Beth drove up for the big day so we couldn’t skip out and play hookie.

Patrick was out to impress (he had an audience after all) and there is no better time of the day for Patrick than bright and early.

He had one eye on his cheering section the entire game. And no, the other eye was not on the ball. The other eye was cloud watching. For the record, they were cumulus.

In this shot he is actually running. He is running in the opposite direction of the rest of the kids, but he is running. He ran a lot the first game. We would cheer and he would run as fast as he could around the perimeter of the field watching us to confirm that we were watching him.

That is pretty much how the game went. We cheered. He ran. We laughed. The game ended and Patrick had successfully kicked the ball twice.

As always, Michael was a completely different story.

Tim and I did heavy work with Michael and I did the Wilbarger Brushing on him which really helps before soccer.

Beth played with him a bit before the game started. Jury is still out on who had more fun.

Elise wasn’t keen on the idea of sitting through another game. Four games in one day is a lot to ask a toddler to sit through.


Look at the intensity on Michael’s face. He really does enjoy soccer.

corner kick

During his water breaks and his turn on the bench, Michael would do some of his body calming techniques and I really believe they helped. You can see him visibly relax as he gives himself the needed input that his body is craving.

Sometimes though, it was more fun to sit on Papa’s lap and cheer on his team. He is a great sport. He watches his team whenever he is off the field and cheers them on. I am so proud of him.

Each boy had two games that day to finish off the season.

To keep the post from becoming ridiculously long here is a quick sports highlight of the second games.

Patrick didn’t run. Patrick didn’t kick. Patrick didn’t watch the ball, at all. Patrick loved the treats afterward.

Patrick did make diamonds with his hands.

Michael worked hard, controlled his body and had his best game of the season. He didn’t crash into anyone and suppressed all his needs for input while on the field. I didn’t think I could be prouder.

But then he shook hand with the opposing team and did his team cheer one last time… and that is when I was the most proud. We did it. We made it through the season.


Both boys got medals for playing.

Thanks to Papa, Nama and Beth for making the drive and helping make the day extra special.

Will we do it again next year? Michael will play again if he wants, which as of now, he says he does. Patrick…. we will see. Maybe his gymnastics career will take off and soccer can become that one thing he did that one summer.




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