Tuesday to them

Today I hung a flag that used to hang at my parents house.

To the kids, today was just another Tuesday. Michael went to school. Patrick, Elise and I ran errands. Patrick and I had eye exams (Patrick doesn’t need glasses!). Elise napped. Patrick and I did a puzzle. We picked up Michael from school and took him to OT. We ran errands. Picked up Michael from OT. I fed them dinner. They didn’t eat the dinner. Normal Tuesday.

They didn’t ask what the big deal about today was because to them, it wasn’t a big deal (although Patrick was pretty bummed that he didn’t get to have glasses like his big bro). 9/11 means nothing to them. Some day they will have questions about that day. Today wasn’t that day.

Today Elise cared about winning the battle over keeping her pjs on, wearing her backpack (she now demands “backpack” whenever the boys put theirs on) during errands and most importantly, she was anxious about the arrival of her diner guest.

Patrick’s only concern was how awesome he looked in his toss away “doc dilated my eyes” glasses.

Michael was worried about one thing, “what shirt should I wear for “orange” day?”

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