Home town nostalgia

Tomorrow is my mom’s birthday. I forgot her birthday last year, no excuse except that I am selfish and caught up in my own life, I am a good daughter like that, so this year I have been extra vigilant about what the date is so I wouldn’t miss it again. I almost did miss it but sign up dead lines for gymnastics kept me in check.

Today I called Lowes Floral of Minot, ND to send my mom some flowers so they could be delivered to her office. This is how the order went.


Me: Hi, I was hoping it would be possible to put in a floral order this morning and have it delivered this afternoon.

Them: Of course you can do that.

Me: Great. I need a birthday bouquet for my mom.

Them: Okay, let me get your info.

I give my info and say I want it addressed to “Nama, N A M A” I can her hear smile over the phone and then I tell her it is from “Michael, Patrick, Elise E L I S E and Lucy”

All normal floral order stuff.

Them: And the name of who it is receiving and where it will be delivered to?

Me: Lisa Clute at the Health Unit. And she sometimes leaves early on Friday, can it be delivered by 2 or 3?

Them: No problem.

Me: And if she is already gone can you call my Dad to pick them up?

Them: Sure, Barry?

Me: (laughing) Yeah Barry. I love calling home. Thank you so much.

Them: Of course.

I paid the lady and she assured me they would get to my mom or dad.

I called my Dad to let him know he may need to recover some orphaned flowers from the my mom’s work.

I called my sister to tell her not to tweet and text while driving across the state at midnight and to ask her where mom was. Beth said she already left and was heading out to the cabin. This was at 11:30 am.

Seriously Mom, shouldn’t you be working?

So I hung up and quick called Lowes again and told them she already left work, could they deliver it to my Dad’s store.

Them: Let me put you on hold.


Them: I just called the driver and he hadn’t delivered the flowers yet so they are now in route to Clute’s.

Me: Wow. Thank you so much!

And that is Minot for you. I know Minot is changing drastically with the oil and last years major flood but when I called home today it still felt like the Minot I grew up in.

For that and for impossible scheduling reasons with the kids today, I am really missing home. No one in the cities knows me from Eve. Sometimes that is great and sometimes it feels a bit… lonely. No floral shop in the cities would have put together a personalized floral arrangement in less than an hour and be willing to change the delivery location in route all for $7. If we lived near family and I needed someone to help with school pick up because of schedule over lap and there is no possible way except for time travel and worm holes for me to be every where I need to be at once, family would be there to help.

Today I wish I was closer to home. I love the cities but sometimes not having family near by is hard.




2 thoughts on “Home town nostalgia

  1. Jess

    *Hugs.* I can totally relate to this! The worst parts are definitely not having family there in those unexpected moments and then the double whammy of everyone being so busy that it’s also so hard to ge together.

    On top of that, at least once a week, I say, “Oh, I wish Meg, Christine, and I all lived in the same place so we could watch this show or cook that or they could just craft something for me!” 😉

    And happy birthday to Nama Clute.

  2. Megan Post author

    If we lived in the same town I bet our husbands would never see us. I am pretty sure we would have weekly Reality TV dates and finally start cooking the recipes we are all pinning on Pinterest. 🙂

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