Basement Bathroom Part 1

In our basement there is a cement floored black hole. It has had many uses over the past 4.5 years. Mostly though, it has just been filled to the gills with crap we don’t have a better place for. It is a black hole for two reasons. One: you store something in there and you quite possibly will never see it again. Two: It is the darkest place in the house.

We recently cleared out (almost completely after the garage sale and a huge purge and donate spree) the black hole and began calling it the some-day bathroom. Behold the power of a camera flash- Let there be light.

It is such a black hole that this past weekend in the middle of a highly competitive game of whole house (minus the office), whole family (Lucy and Elise are the worst partners) game of hide and seek, I was able to stand in the back corner of said black hole and someday-bathroom with a blanket held in front of me and hide quite successfully from everyone. And I do mean everyone. Tim stepped into the someday-day bathroom to look for me and couldn’t see me. I thought he had spotted me because of the sing-song “Where is Mommy?” he called out while looking in my direction. The blanket I was hiding behind is woven so it was just thin enough for me to see him. I still follow the old theatre adage that if you can see the audience, they can see you, so I assumed he knew I was there. He didn’t.

I dropped the blanket and jumped forward hands in scary monster position and screamed “RAWR!” thinking that I had been found. Tim leapt up a foot in the air, stumbled backward and screamed. I guess the ol’ theatre adage doesn’t apply to the black hole corner of our someday-bathroom. Oh his face. I would pay a pretty penny to have a picture of his face at that moment. Pure shock and fear.

I still giggle thinking about it. I scared him good. Really good.

I thought about this when our contractor called today. He was giving me a price break down and while thoughts of vanity and fixture shopping danced in my head I was also mourning the loss of the best hiding place in our house. Yes Tim, women really can think about that many things at once. We are remarkable creatures.

If we accept his offer he can start as soon as Thursday. If you follow my Instagram feed you know that I have already started the vanity hunt. Tim couldn’t be more excited about hiring out this bathroom. He knows I want to tackle this bathroom ourselves and I think the contractor could have doubled his asking price and Tim still would have shelled out the cash to not have to tackle this bathroom DIY style. I am a bit bummed about not taking it on but I do have free rein on all the fixture, vanity, color, tile and accessory choices, so I guess it is a fair shake. Ladies’ choice on vanity, Gentlemen’s choice to keep his hands clean.

A few vanities have caught my eye (here and here)but I keep ending up back at my internet crush’s site. I love me some Ana White and I really love the idea of DIYing something in the bathroom so maybe I can convince Tim to let me build another of Ana Whites plans in the form of a bathroom vanity. I am not completely sold on the whole vessel sink/ kids would use the bathroom often/splash radius/wood counter idea but I do kinda like the look. I think I like the thought of DIYing more than I like the look though so we will see where we end up.

For now, I am mourning the loss of the best hiding spot ever but I am stoked about the thought of having a bathroom in the basement. It will be wonderful for when family and friends are crashing in the basement, and so convenient for when I start potty training Elise. The route from the dollhouse to the someday-bathroom is the distance of 6 adult sized strides. That gives me about 4 second window to pick her up, drop her drawers and whisk her to the bathroom from the moment I see her face contort into “number 2 grunt face” to having her seated on the potty. Not bad. Totally doable.

2 thoughts on “Basement Bathroom Part 1

  1. Tim

    To put the record straight; I didn’t actually scream. I did jump though. I could swear she was a rug in that corner.

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