It begins…

This morning the contractor comes and starts on the bathroom. Tim couldn’t have been happier to head off to work. I need to scramble to quick clear out the rest of the someday-bathroom and clean the main floor bathroom in case, God forbid, the poor Contractor has to subject himself to the boys’ bathroom of choice.

I am on the max of amount of migraine meds allowed by the FDA and as soon as Contractor man is settled Elise, Patrick and I are out of here too. What are the chances they want to play in a dark-dimly light, cool and silent cave for a few hours?!

There is something wonderfully awesome about the idea of leaving the house and then coming back to progress. Especially when I am not feeling good. Progress will be made without any effort made by us (except for Tim earning the money needed for this transaction to happen) so I guess there is some effort on his part. None by me though!

Today I am glad that we are not DIYing the bathroom…. although the demo he is doing today is probably the most fun part of the process.

A pic of the progress he made today. All the previous owner shoddy framing demoed. The room looks so much bigger and the only time I broke a sweat today was when I pushed the double stroller to the butcher to buy a bone for my anxious mutt!

2 thoughts on “It begins…

  1. Tim

    “There is something wonderfully awesome about the idea of leaving the house and then coming back to progress.”

    I agree wholeheartedly, and Meg’s the one doing all of the planning and organizing between schools, lunches, an annoying dog, and everything else.

    I escaped to go play on the computer for a few hours.

  2. Jess

    Don’t kid yourself, Meg–you have plenty of effort in this! Can you just imagine letting Lucy and the kiddos loose on the contractor while he works on the someday-bathroom? It would be a never, never bathroom! 🙂

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