Spoiler alert. It is hidden in the office closet.

To my dear sweet Patrick,

I know you are mad at me for not buying you the orange Angry Bird. I know you are even more upset because even after big brother Michael helped you count out your quarters, I still wouldn’t let you buy the orange Angry Bird with your own money.

I hear you when you say “it is windy and the leaves are changing so that means it is fall.” I know that I said when the seasons turns to fall it will almost be your birthday.

I am sorry that you think nine more days is a very long time away.

October ninth is your birthday. Not today. Not yesterday or the day before when you were whining for the toy in Target. In this case, almost doesn’t cut it. You are going to have to wait.

I know that right now you think you will never forgive me because when we went to Target this last time the orange Angry Bird was gone. My heart hurt when I saw how devastated you were that “someone else got the orange one!”

Patrick. If you whine about that bird one more time I may lose my mind.

That orange nine dollar bird is hidden down stairs in the office closet underneath a pile of fabric scraps. Relax. You will get the bird on. your. birthday.



p.s. I know that in the coming years you will start to figure out that I buy gifts and then hide them around the house. Anticipation is part of the fun of the birthdays and Christmas. So is the hunt for the hidden treasures. I do not relish seeing your sad, devastated tears while you mourn the loss of that stuffed bird. I want to hug you and tell you that I was the someone who got the orange bird and that I bought it for you. I will admit at first it was amusing that you were crying over a toy that was already in our home. I will admit to almost giving into one of your many tantrums and giving you the plush toy. I will even admit that you have driven me to the edge of sanity over this bird. Now I think I am just counting down the sleeps it will take to get to your birthday just like you are. Just a few more days buddy. We can make it together. I love you.

Sometimes the anticipation of giving the gift is more challenging to endure than waiting to receive the gift. Anyone else have this issue? Do you find it hard to keep a straight face when the gift receiver talks about or asks for the gift you bought or plan on buying them? Have you ever gave in and just given the gift early?

2 thoughts on “Spoiler alert. It is hidden in the office closet.

  1. Tim

    Hint. Meg is too. I think my past few birthdays I get gifts over the course of the week before my birthday.

    I’m honestly suprised Patrick hasn’t gotten his orange bird yet.

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