Halloween. In theory I should love the costume shopping and creating process. I love shopping. I love creating, sewing and crafting. I think costumes are the most fun thing ever. I love costumes so much I majored in Theatre in college. Despite all that, I find Halloween overwhelming. Especially getting 3 costumes ready when their costume of choice changes by the day.

Patrick’s costume is done. That is unless Tim can figure out a way to create a domed shaped plastic astronaut helmet that the kid can actually breathe in OR if he changes his mind.

I haven’t even started the conversation with Michael because I am afraid it will end with me shopping for yards of gray fleece and wire in an effort to create a tornado costume he can actually wear to school. What are the chances he can be convinced to be a construction worker again or borrow Patrick’s ghost costume from last year?

Maybe I can convince him to be a weather man? It would give me an excuse to go to Children’s Place and buy this.  A weather man isn’t complete without a suit jacket you know.

The tornado could prove to be impossible but as surprising as it seems, I think Elise is going to be the most challenging one this year… or at least the most expensive. It should be as easy as going to Old Navy or Carters and letting her choose one of the adorable plush fleece outfits that are perfect for MN chilly Halloween nights. But when do I ever do anything easy? I know she is two and would be more than happy with this:

But of course I am going to make it more complicated than that. Elise is in love with Ladybug Girl and her dog Bingo right now. We have read every one of the free books on-line offered by We Give Books. She also has two Ladybug Girl board books that she takes to nap, in the car and to bed. She loves Ladybug Girl. So Ladybug Girl she will be. I bought the tulle to make the tutu and the wings today. I have 29 days to pull this costume together. Good thing Elise already has 4 different bulldogs to choose to be her Bingo!

I think as long as Michael doesn’t insist on a EF5 tornado complete with house and cow debris I will be able to finish all three costumes by Trick or Treat time.


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