Karma Kid

My sweet and sour boy turns five in five days.
If don’t believe in parenting karma, if what goes around, comes around isn’t a mantra you live by, allow me to introduce exhibt A in effort to change your mind.

Getting Patrick to do something that he isn’t whole heartedly in love with is near impossible. The kid takes punishment like he has been trained to endure hours of time outs. Army trainers need an example of someone not cracking under duress? Patrick is their boy.

The kid will give up every privilege afforded to him to avoid putting a shoe in the shoe cubby.

Patrick can charm the cookie right out of your hand by looking up at you through his long lashes. He always speaks softly so you have to lean in close. The closer you are physically to a kid, the harder it is to say no to them. Patrick knows that and uses it to his advantage as he whispers all his wishes and wants in your ear.

I have been known to manipulate, just ask my sister.
I did maybe a quarter of the homework assigned to me while on school.
As for cleaning and chores? Well just come over unexpectedly and watch as I expertly slide out a crack in the front door and close it behind me and then entertain you on the front porch with out ever inviting you inside.

Patrick is my karma kid. I love him for that. He makes me mad and drives me nuts but more often than that he makes me laugh.


2 thoughts on “Karma Kid

  1. Beth

    Awww…. I love that kid! 🙂 And yes I will vouch for the manipulating thing 😉 He is Megan in the male form!

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