Patrick Party Day

Today is all about Patrick and Patrick is all about Angry Birds right now so today our house has been taken over by a video game. I still think that John Deere is the king of random merchandising (I admit we even had this when Michael was a baby and it was a favorite too!) but man, Angry Birds comes in a close second.

I bought everything from an Angry Bird piñata to the Angry Bird fruit snacks to stuff it with. Thank you Angry Bird merchandisers for making party planning easy.

I mean – look at the decor!

He finally got his orange Angry Bird. It was even served to him on a platter.

And then there was the pig cake. He snatched the orange bird off the platter before he even saw the cake. He was so excited. He then gifted the black bird to Michael and the pink one to Elise without a moment of hesitation. He is such a kind and generous kid. I am so proud.

Five candles for this big boy! FIVE?!

This morning before all the festivities began Tim took Michael and Elise to the store to carry on the tradition of shopping on the day of the party for the birthday kid. Michael got to pick out a gift for Patrick. Tim said it took a few tries for Michael to choose a gift that Patrick wanted and not just a toy that Michael wanted, but he did it.  Why do we shop the day of? We figure the day of shopping means less time for the shopper to have to keep the secret. It also gives me some special one on one time with the birthday kid and Tim some special time with the shoppers. Patrick and I spent that time decorating the house. Tim wrapped the gift when they got back with and Michael addressed it.

Michael kept the secret for three hours. He kept the secret all through lunch at Patrick’s favorite, Noodles N Company. He kept it through the  pictures with the cake, cake cutting and cake eating. That is huge for him. Keeping secrets is hard work and Michael learned today that it was worth it, because Patrick was so surprised and excited when he opened the gift. Michael was proud of that and he was excited to be apart of the Patrick’s day in a special way.

Then Tim did what all dads do on Birthdays and gift giving holidays… assembly. Patrick supervised.

While Elise took a short nap and the boys had some quiet play time Tim and I prepped for the later half of the day.

Let me tell you a short story about the prep process….

After stuffing it, we went to hang it. And by we, I mean Tim hung it.

I was laughing so hard during this process that I am sure the neighbors we peeking out their windows to see what was going on. There was nothing elegant about the way Tim leaped up that tree and scaled it. I thought our beautiful tree was going to be a few branches thinner by the time he was done. In an effort to save my tree I paused from taking photos to look for something close by that would work as a step stool.

Not ten steps away, being stored under the deck for the winter was the….

Pool ladder!

I was laughing so hard at this point that I practically peed my pants as I pulled ladder under the dangling pig piñata. Tim was concentrating so hard on trying to reach out and tie a knot that he didn’t see me pull up the ladder. I will keep the post PG and not quote what he said.  You can just imagine the language he used while he swung down from the weighed down limb of my beautiful maple as I stepped up the ladder and expertly (and speedily) knotted the rope.

Oh man. I am still laughing. Poor Tim. Maybe you had to be there? I am not doing this story justice. It was just so funny how he stood there looking at the piñata in his hands, looking and the tree and then with out a word he took a step forward and then jumped at the tree.

Such a guy thing to do. I will just scale the tree. That will solve my problem. Just climb. Do you see how much your father loves you Patrick James? He climbed a tree to hang your piñata.

Correction: Tried to hang your piñata. For the record. Your mama hung that piñata. I guess I just love you a little bit more than your dad does!

Anyways, enough about Tim and the tree….

Piñata hung and kids dressed up warm, we all headed outside to cheer on the kids as they took turns swinging at the pig.

To say Patrick was excited is an understatement.

Both the boys gave it a few tries with the blindfold. It didn’t last long but they tried, and in an effort to speed up the process and keep everyone a tad bit safer, we took off the blindfold and let them swing away.

look at the determination on his face! He means business.

Even Elise got in on the fun.

It took a long, long time to get even a crack in that pig.

I think it was Michael that finally made the breaking swing.

Once the candy started to fall out it was a constant struggle for Tim and I too keep two of the kids back while the third swung for the gold.

Tim took the final swing and then it was a mad dash for candy.

I wonder what the statistics are for piñata accidents every year? It could possibly be the most dangerous party game ever.

Oh but it is fun and you get candy!


The pig came down much easier than it went up…

The rest of the day was spent warming up from the cold by watching Madagascar 3, eating pizza and popcorn and playing live action Angry Birds.

I think Patrick had a good day. I know I did. It was a wonderful day. So much fun.

Happy Birthday Party Day Patrick James. I hope you loved today as much as your Dad and I did. We love you,


More pictures here.

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