Nerves of steel

This morning Patrick, Elise and I took Lucy to the vet for a check up and some shots so we can board her this coming weekend. Anyone who has been around Lucy would be shocked at her behaviour when she is at the vet. She is submissive to the core. She is nervous, beyond anxious and doesn’t leave my side. She serpentines through my legs over and over until she finds the safest place farthest from anyone or any door. She doesn’t whimper but she pants. All of that makes it pretty obvious that she is nervous, but it is the shedding that is the real tell. No need to even attempt a poker face when she leaves half her coat on the ground.


I don’t know what it is about the vet, it has been like this since she was a pup and was fixed. Poor girl. I feel bad for her. I have always said that she is part human and I think what Patrick was saying while coveting the cats in the adoption window pushed Lucy over the edge of slightly nervous to full on panting panic.

“Mom. I like cats better. That cat has green eyes and so do I. We have the same color eyes. Green is my new favorite color because the cat and I have the same color eyes. I like black too. I would name the cat Black because he is black.”

Me, “Patrick we already have a pet and Lucy is such a nice dog and loves you so much.”

“Yeah Mom but I like this cat.”

and this is when Lucy got really nervous…

Patrick, “Maybe someone else can have Lucy and then we can have the cat with green eyes.”

Me, “But Patrick I love Lucy.”

“We can name the cat Lucy, Mom.”

I like cats. I could even be a cat owner but no cat could ever take Lucy’s place. I love that dog even if she leaves my jeans looking like this:


When we left the waiting room and entered the exam room Lucy got real nervous and I explained to Patrick that Lucy was scared just like he gets scared to get shots at his doctor visits. Patrick got down on the now dog hair carpeted floor thanks to Lucy being even more nervous in the closed space and started petting Lucy and telling her that it will be okay. Lucy licked him on the cheek and Patrick forgot about the cat…. for a while.

I am excited to report that Patrick and Lucy bonded over the course of the vet visit and that Elise has perfected her on all fours, tongue hanging out dog panting. But the most exciting news… Lucy is down 15 lbs and the cysts are still innocent cysts and are not cancerous.

I love my brown-eyed mutt.

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