J-Town part two

I already posted about the joy that was Elise and Gracie together but I couldn’t resist sharing one more photo. Check them out dancing to Elmo!

When Elise and I got back from our play date all the boys were coating up to go outside and pick apples. Ben and Carmen have a huge apple tree in their backyard. There were more than a few handfuls that needed to be picked. Many hands make light work.

I was playing with the settings while I took these photos so don’t worry, it isn’t your eyes or your screen… it is the photos that are not consistent.

Look how big Mr. Zach has gotten!

It didn’t take long for the boys to figure out that shoveling worked much faster than picking by hand.

This slightly out of focus shot was the closet I got this whole weekend of the five of them together.

And our three…

Cousin Zeke had the cutest little wheel barrow and a smile to match. I am pretty sure Patrick was playing the role of site supervisor (no surprise there).

These next two photos are of our boys play Pirate on the swing set. Which do you think looks more Pirate-y?

And of course a sweet one of the littlest ones. Not sure how I got the depth of field in this shot but it wasn’t meant for Zach… or maybe he was just mid slide and the motion made him blurry…I really need to take a photography class!

After apple clean up the real fun began.

I don’t know at what age playing in the leaves loses its appeal but Grandma Shannon proved that leaf piles are fun for everyone!

I think Grandma Shannon was using her height as an unfair advantage but she was outnumbered by 5 to 1 so in the end all is fair in leaf wars.

Happy Boys.

I tried to sneak in a new Fall header shot for the website. I think I will have to try again at Halloween.

A sweet moment in between battles.

It took more than a little combing to get the leaves out of this girl’s hair. I am kicking myself for not having the camera on a better setting for this photo.

Dinner, cakes and gifts followed. Then the next morning we drove home. We were lucky that Patrick didn’t play with this gift the whole way home…

It was a fun weekend. It was one of those weekends that you come home exhausted from, but all the fun and memories made the driving and loads of laundry worth it. Good times had by all.

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