Indulgent Weekend

I had a fantastically indulgent weekend with my two favorite ladies this past weekend.

I shopped and bought stuff I loved but didn’t need (I am wearing my new favorite forest friend print pajama pants right now).

What 29-year-old woman needs a pair of flannel pants with squirrels? Not me. Did I buy them anyway? I sure did!

I ate food that isn’t good for any diet but it tasted delicious. Iron-skillet blackened catfish with a cilantro slaw=YUM! (from here)

I drank the sake that the Hibachi chef squirt into my mouth with a squeeze bottle. And like every other time I tried sake I thought, “meh.” Did I let him shoot it to my mouth a second time? I sure did.

I watched a movie in the theatres – in the middle of the afternoon –  it wasn’t educational, enlightening or animated. It was fun. And I ate movie theatre popcorn with butter while I laughed so hard I almost cried.

But the best part of the weekend? Hanging out in a hotel room (so laughably cabin themed that the bed skirts were faux leather) in my new comfy pj pants chatting with my friends way past my bedtime.

We laughed at Suze Orman telling a broke man he couldn’t buy a ticket to football camp. We thanked each other for not choosing yellow bridesmaids dresses while tuning into a TLC show. We watched men (and Brandi) bid on storage lockers. One dark-haired Rachel was cooking something in the background while we gossiped and we cheered on the short dark-haired Rachel on MSNBC as she told it like it is with ridiculous energy.

It was fun. All of it was fun. I checked in with Tim a few times and he assured me the kids were good and they missed me. I of course brought home “mommy feels guilty about leaving for the weekend” gifts but in truth, I don’t feel guilty at all.

It was so much fun that none of girls regretted the weekend even when we woke up Sunday morning to this:

I am guessing we won’t be able to sneak in another girl’s weekend until after the holidays but I am already clearing my January calendar.

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