Twisters, Tornadoes, Tramp & Tumbling

The title almost sounds like a post Michael would write to inform you about weather patterns but really, those are the titles of each of the kids’ gymnastics classes.

They all loved every minute of their time at gymnastics.

Elise didn’t want to leave. She looked adorable in her pig tails and baby blue leo. Let me tell you. I have a new obsession. Leotards! Even just saying leotards isn’t enough. I feel the need to sing the word Oprah style: Leeeeooootaaards! What I once thought were bejeweled, over sparkly, awful patterned, tiny pieces of Lycra have become my new favorite thing to dress Elise in…. pair it with a tutu and the cuteness is almost too much to handle! The price tag on those tiny leos are insane so I think for now I will stick to the plain colored off brand ones on Amazon for $5-$15 a piece. I should get mad props for resisting the $44 one that was on sale at the gym. $44?! Nuts!

Besides warm up, which consisted of pretending to be a butterfly and a goodbye song, the 45 minutes of Elise’s class was spent chasing after her while she tried out all the gym had to offer. Her favorites were the balance beam, climbing over the stuffed cushiony blocks (haven’t learned any of the lingo yet) and the tumble track (I had to google search what that was called). She squealed with delight when she sat on the tramp and the coach bounced her and the other kids. More than a handful of times I had to pull her away from a big girl class that was going on at the same time. She really wanted to copy what all the big girls were doing.

Patrick was the only one in his class and that meant non-stop gymnastics for 45 minutes. He was wore out and probably worked harder than he ever has before (sure as hell more than he did in soccer anyway!). It was good for him. He ate up the one on one attention but I hope some other kids join the class too.

Patrick loved it all but when I asked what his favorite was he said, “the rings and the tramp and doing somersaults and the beam and the long running thing that bounces into the foam pit!” (long running thing=tumble track) Never once did he mention the stamp or coloring sheet or stamp he got on his hand at the end. Finally something where he enjoys the process and not just the prize at the end!

They had so much fun. I had fun too. I wish we would have started Patrick sooner.

Patrick and Elise’s classes are in the morning. We picked up Michael at the end of school for his class.

The place was busy, NOISY, lit with fluorescent lights and bright colors everywhere. I was more than a little apprehensive about Michael’s class. We walked into the building and he immediately became a bundle of raw energy. You could practically see sparks flying off of him. I was worried, but we took deep breaths and he went off to class. I watched from the sidelines thanking God over and over for his OTs. They made this possible. He was so good. He was all energy but was able to channel it work hard. I am so proud of him.

Look at him working the rope!

He was sad at the end of class and on the verge of tears. It is a long day to go from all day kindergarten and then straight to Tumbling class. He was sad because he didn’t want to leave. When he gained his composure he said, “Mom I did my very best.” And he did. I couldn’t have asked for more.

We are not much of a soccer family but I think we could get behind this whole gymnastics thing!



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