Duluth was cold last weekend and we missed the beauty of the changing leaves by a few weeks but the view was still incredible. I could live there. It is such a great city. For now I will just settle for visiting Beth as often as possible. The chair in her living room window has this same view. Not a bad scene to look out on in the morning. All I see from my windows is a constant reminder that our neighbors are better at taking care of their lawn than we are.

My Dad gave the boys skipping rock lessons and they were amazed with his mad skipping skills.

Neither of them got a stone to skip but they did scale some mighty big rocks.

In a bit of a stereotypical role reversal my mom, Nama, is the one that encourages slightly dangerous acts of stupidity – like leaping from one rock to the other – while my dad is the one that is the safety police. You know when my mom takes it a step to far when you hear me say, “Mom!” and my Dad growl, “Lisa…” Needless to say, when it comes to adventure the boys have figured out that Nama is slightly more fun and Elise has learned that staying close to Papa is the safest place for a princess.

“Come on! You can make it over here….” said only by this Nama when rocks with deep crevices stand between her and her grandkid.

Photography note: When you are the adult in the photo, do not look away from the camera and don’t stop smiling. If you are the only one not smiling, I will choose a cute kid face over the strange adult face every time. Case in point:

Sorry Mom (weird mid sentence face) and Dad (slight scowl at posing for yet another photo) but the kids are all looking in this photo. It still turned out pretty good. Again with the white balance though… I really got to work on that.

And one with me and the kids. Thanks to my Mom for snapping this shot. I am not in front of the camera very often. I need to be better about that. The kids need to see me in photos so I at least have some proof that I was more than a taxi service, cook and rule enforcer. I can be fun sometimes.

Duluth was a blast. The weekend was so much fun for me and the kids and Tim loved every minute of his much deserved bachelor weekend of programming, pizza, zombie movies and more pizza.

more pics here.

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  1. Nama

    Fun weekend! And by the way – the kids like our adventures! I think there is a little “Grandpa” in me! example: “Lisa, go pull the cow’s tail and see what happens!” FYI – the cow chases you.

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