Potty Training Extremes

Yesterday Elise came to me and said, “I pooped” I checked her diaper and she hadn’t and then asked her, “Do you have to go poop?” She smiled a big smile and said, “Yeah!”

I took her to the potty, helped her pull off her tutu and leggings and she did her business.


Today Elise walked up to me and said, “I pooped.” I could smell that she was indeed telling the truth so I told her to lay down on her bed. I went to pull off today’s tutu and there was poo everywhere. Infact, it went all the way up her back and onto the quilt that was on her bed. It wasn’t just any quilt though, it was the quilt my Grandma made me for graduation. You see, I really loved the touch of special homemade-ness, what was mine is now yours feeling that it brought to the room. Plus the fabrics my Grandma chose had a sort of Jack and Jill vintage vibe and it just went so well in her room. I know I should have thought a little more practically when making her bed after stripping it this past weekend but I didn’t. I chose style over function and it only took 5 days for my precious quilt to be sh!t on. Thank you Elise.

This is our last baby. It is the last toddler I will ever have to potty train. I said that over and over (out loud) while I cleaned up Elise and then scooped up the quilt and tutu and dashed downstairs to treat the stains. Needless to say, Elise was not happy that she didn’t get a story at nap time but sometimes a quilt is more important than my toddlers wants. At least I cleaned her before cleaning the quilt. I am a good parent like that.

So yeah. Potty training sucks but it is going so much better with her than with the boys. We haven’t broke out the duct tape once and besides a little pretreating here and there, potty training has been relatively painless this go around. This last and final go around!

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